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Please make sure all emergency contacts are aware that they are your emergency contacts and are available to assist if needed. Emergency contacts should be local if parents work far from school. Sick children must be picked up in a timely manner.

If your student requires the use of Tylenol or Motrin in the morning, chances are you will be getting a call to come pick them up within 3 or 4 hours. Please have your cell phones nearby and have someone available to pick them up. Most children who are given medication in the morning come right to the Health Office upon arrival to school. Plan accordingly!

If your child has a non-contagious chronic cough, please send them with plenty of water. Cough drops with a physician’s note can be stored in the health office, as well as cough medicine. During allergy season, please make sure your kid is properly medicated prior to school.

Children may not have medication of any kind in their possession. All meds (including over-the-counter) must be brought into Health Office by an adult, with a medical prescription and in its original container (and no, the pharmacy label does not count). Medications cannot travel on the school bus. Forms can be found on the school website. Parents may come in during school hours to administer any medication in the absence of a physician’s note.

Any child attending school with stitches, splints, wraps or casts must have a note from parent or/and physician. Children requiring the use of elevator, and/or other assisted devices (crutches, wheelchairs etc) must provide a physician’s note. Note should state reason for use and time frame. (Ex: until 1/2/23, for 14 days, or until cleared by physician).

Please make sure to use the 2020 NYSED physical form when going to see your pediatrician. Height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, hearing, vision and scoliosis screenings are required for a complete physical. Make sure the form is dated and signed by your provider.

Hearing and vision screening will be completed throughout the school year. If your child has an abnormal screening, a referral will be sent home and a prompt recommendation from a specialist is expected. If your child wears glasses, please make sure that they have them on when coming to school. This can greatly affect their learning.

A single courtesy physical education clearance can be obtained with a parent’s note for 1 day. Anything more requires a physician’s note. A physical education clearance is an automatic indoor recess.

Please dress students’ appropriately for the weather. In seasons when dry skin and lips are prevalent, children should have Chapstick, Vaseline, or Aquaphor to apply to their lips. Skin moisturizer in the morning is very helpful in preventing dry skin and itchiness. Sunscreen application is encouraged and highly recommended all year.

Any questions or concerns, always feel free to call at 845-627-3490. 

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