Welcome to Highview School's Nurse Health and Wellness Page

Dana Denise R.N


With the Flu season upon us, we ask that you be cognizant of the signs and symptoms of illness.  To keep illness to a minimum, we ask that you read and follow the Nanuet School District’s Illness Policy that can be found on our website. 

Keeping the kids in the classrooms and out of the physician’s offices is our goal!

Just a reminder: If medications are necessary to be administered during school hours, all necessary forms must be filled out by your physician. No medications, even over- the- counter, will be administered without proper documentation. All downloadable forms can be found on our website. 

It is also very helpful to keep the nurse aware of any infectious disease so that we can do our best to prevent the spread.  This is done in a respectful matter with special attention paid to individual privacy. Again, keeping everyone as healthy as possible is our goal.

With regards to your child’s health office visits…I do try err on the side of caution.  For the obvious reasons, parents will be contacted but I also err on the side of caution and consideration. Not only being a registered nurse, I have raised three children. I am very understanding of the concerns parents of young children have.  I often will call because that is what I as a parent appreciated. Please, any questions, always feel free to call me at 627-3490. 

Nurse Dana