Special Areas

Welcome to Highview’s Art Department

 Students experience a two year sequence of General Art Education which supports the National and New York State Art Standards. 

Students will make connections in Math, Science, Global & Social Studies, and English Language Arts. Project Based Learning collaborations will take place among the Guidance department’s Character Educational Programs,

STEAM and Music & the Performing Arts 

 The Standards value students’ ability to:

Imagine: To form a mental image of a concept

Investigate: To observe or study through exploration and examination 

Construct: To make or form by combining or arranging parts or elements

Reflect: To think deeply or carefully about art and ideas

Different materials and methods can help students explore the various techniques of art and design. We will explore the elements and

principles of art by exploring:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Collage
  • Folding/Ripping/Tearing /Cutting/Hole Punching
  • Sculpture
  • Relief tooling
  • Weaving
  • Printmaking
  • Photography
  • Digital Art
  • 3D Printing

Along with producing individual pieces of art students will be called upon to discuss, question and reflect on connections made by the arts in various ways. Students will be featuring their ideas in:

  • Class Discussions
  • Drawing worksheets
  • Mark Making Data Collection
  • Celebration of the Arts
  • Chamber of Commerce Art Walk & Exhibition
  • Interdisciplinary Explorations Please feel free to contact the art department with any questions or concerns at: jalmonte@nanuetsd.org

Highview General Music

Students in Grades 3 and 4 meet for music one 45 minute class period in the 6 day cycle. The curriculum reflects the most recent NYS Standards for the Arts. The focus is on learning and utilizing the elements of music. Students listen to and perform songs from cultures all around the world, including traditional American music. In the Grade 3 curriculum there is a strong emphasis on learning the basics of reading music and students begin the study of the recorder. In Grade 4, there is a strong emphasis on style and form, reinforcement of reading musical notation, and continued work with the recorder.

In addition to working with classroom instruments, students also have an in depth choral experience. During the first semester, Grade 3 students begin learning the skills needed to successfully perform in a choral ensemble. Selections prepared are performed in an assembly at the end of the semester.  During the second half of the year, they will begin the study of the recorder. Fourth Graders will focus on recorder during the first half of the year and in the spring they will work on choral selections for performance at the Fourth Grade Concert. Choral work focuses on developing pitch matching ability, rhythmic recognition, listening skills, proper breathing and vowel formation and teamwork.