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  • numbers and place values to 1,000,000
  • factors and multiples
  • the four operations of whole numbers,
  • multiplication of multi-digit numbers
  • division of multi-digit numbers by a 1 digit divisor
  • adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators
  • using equivalent fractions to compare and order fractions
  • multiplying fractions by a whole number
  • adding and subtracting decimals in tenths and hundredths
  • representing and interpreting data
  • classifying and measuring angles
  • applying area and perimeter formulas in problem solving
  • using measurement conversion in problem solving
  • solving multi-step word problems


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Multiplication Practice


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Number Sense and Mental Math
Give a Dog a Bone
Speed Grid Challenge
Power Lines Puzzle 1
Power Lines Puzzle 2

Number Form
Place Value Concentration

Comparing and Ordering 

Make a 3 Digit Number


Animal Classification and Adaptations

Exploring Magnetism and Form of Energy

Exploring Electricity

NYS science test review of K-4 content and skills



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Animal Classifications created by C. Miller
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