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English Language Arts




(There are many videos on YouTube that demonstrate Fundations activities)

 Good Habits Great Readers


Spelling City

Spelling, Word Study, Vocabulary

Story Map (A Read-Write-Think resource)

Story Map is a free interactive story planning tool from Read Write Think. Story Maps provides four templates for outlining stories. To use the templates students title their stories then choose one of four templates to outline their stories. The four template choices are conflict, setting, character, and resolution. Students can print their completed templates.


Thank You, Mr. Falker, by Patricia Polacco
Actress Jane Kaczmarek reads alound this book.
That Book Woman
This is a reading of That Book Woman with a female narrator.


The Story of Ruby Bridges

This is a reading of the book, The Story of Ruby Bridges, by Robert Coles. 


  • numbers and place value to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100
  • adding and subtracting within 1000
  • multiplication and division facts to 10
  • multiplication and its relationship to division
  • fraction equivalencies
  • fractions of a whole
  • area of rectangles and perimeter of polygons
  • measurement - length, time, weight and capacity
  • representing and interpreting data with bar, land pictographs and line plots
  • classifying two-dimensional shapes by attribute
  • solving two-step word problems



Tangram Puzzles

Cover solid designs with tangram-like pieces.

Tangram shapes

Cover the puzzle shapes with traditional tangram pieces.



Structure and Function of Plants

States of Matter

Engineering – Legos Simple Machines - Levers

Force, Motion and Simple Machines

Sun, Moon and Earth’s relationship

Life Cycles of Plants and Animals


Animal Classification

Animal Classification

Animal Classification Games

Classification Interactive Sorting

Plant & Animal Kingdoms

Living vs. Non-Living Quiz

Living & Non-Living Things

The Sun, Moon, and Earth

Phases of the Moon

NASM Apollo to the Moon


STAR Child

Apollo 11 Image Gallery

States of Matter

States of Matter video clips/games

States of Matter Brain Pop

Simple Machines

Ed Heads

Museum of Science--> photos and definitions

Simple Machines Learning Site

Life Cycles

Children’s Butterfly Site - U.S. Department of Interior U.S. Geological Survey -- Midcontinent Ecological Science Center

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Monarch Life Cycle


Growing Plants - Science clips

Moon phases

Identify today's moon phase on this site.


Online stopwatch


Quizlet gives you the opportunity to create flashcards to use for studying.